Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pollution in River Nairn - Michael Green calls for "immediate action" and Ed Mountain invited to special stakeholders shitestorm summits

Regular readers will recall the link we posted to the swan mannie's eye witness report on the dry weather serious pollution incident on the lower River Nairn this week - that article is here on the swan blog here if you are unaware of what happened. 

Well now, Independent councillor for Nairn, Michael Green has called for ‘immediate action’ in response to the recent sewage discharges into the River Nairn. Cllr Green, who also chairs the Highland Council’s Nairnshire Committee, said he plans to meet with Scottish Water to agree on a plan for swift action: “The Highland Council Leader, Cllr Margaret Davidson and I will be seeking an urgent meeting with Scottish Water to initiate and agree action to once and for all address the issues facing Nairn. I have also met and briefed Edward Mountain MSP and will be invited to attend future Nairn Bathing Water Stakeholder Group meetings”.

Cllr Green was keen to emphasise that a program should also be put into place to bring the current system up to the best standards possible: “The recent sewage discharges directly into the River Nairn, highlights once again, the scale of the problem we face here in Nairn. What is required is immediate remedial action to mitigate the effects of these dangerous discharges, plus longer term, a program of works to upgrade the local infrastructure to the highest standards. The incident will be top of the agenda at the upcoming Nairn Bathing Water Stakeholder Group.”

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