Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Anyone seen Fluffy Puss? - friendly cat in Achareidh goes missing

One of our regular readers is a bit worried about a cat he hasn't seen for a while, he sent us a picture too which is the best he has, anyway here's the story. 

Just wondering if it would be possible to add a missing cat notice to The Gurn? This is a notice with a difference as it's not actually our cat. We are worried about it as it's not been seen for over a week. We've asked around the neighbours and a few who know the cat, but not where it lives, in the area asking the same question as its presence is missed.

What Happened to Fluffy Puss ? 

Do you own or do you know a fluffy black cat (see pic) with a bad back paw / missing toes from the Beech Ave / Wyvis Drive / Lane area?Recently randomly seen with a neon yellow collar. The cat is very friendly and has been a regular visitor to our door, 3-4 times a day, for about 18 months now without fail. It's like a member of the family; except we actually like the cat;)

The cat (we don't know it's name) hasn't been seen since the morning of Sunday 15th. This is very unusual and we're concerned it might have been hurt, killed or locked-in somewhere by accident. *Check your sheds and garages!! We've asked around for days and think it's from the Beech Ave / Wyvis Drive / Lane area, but have had no luck in tracking down its home.

Now it's entirely possible it's absolutely fine, in acattery and it's owners are off on holiday.

Possibly the owners have moved house or something of the sort. But not knowing what has happened and being concerned it's been trapped somewhere is frustrating to say the least.

Is it your cat? Do you know anybody in that area with a cat matching its description?

Any information gladly received. 

If you can help please e-mail and we can pass on any news.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your concern. The cat has a home, is safe and very much loved. Due to overfeeding by well meaning neighbours we had to keep him inside for a few weeks and put him on a diet. He is now allowed outside again after having lost weight. Dear Neighbours, please do not feed him or allow him into your house otherwise we’ll have to keep him inside again which would be a shame as he loves to go outside. Thank you. Beech Avenue residents.