Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Universal Credit - CAB workers moved to tears when explaing to MP the suffering they are witnessing

Drew Hendry MP outlines a recent meeting he had with CAB workers where they were moved to tears explaining what they were witnessing with Universal Credit problems.

More from Drew on universal credit.

 Gurnites may wish to sign a petition against funding cuts to the Inverness Badenoch and Strathspey Citizen's Advice Bureau.

A source close to the CAB told the Gurn: " The main effects will be lack of outreach provision - ie services for those unable to seek independent advice due to illness or disability. There will only be a very basic service. Eg no provision for assistance to appeal benefit decisions etc - which in the face of introduction of universal credit is a huge problem and will increase poverty amongst vulnerable groups in particular."


Unknown said...

Sign the petition! Save your CAB! We are ALL Daniel Blake!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Nairn CAB. It too faces funding cuts and Nairn CAB starts from a much lower funding base.
The petition seems to be about Inverness CAB. Every CABx in Highland will be impacted on by the possible cuts from The Highland Council and Scottish Government.

Graisg said...

Certainly anon, fantastic work done by our local CAB. Sadly they too are needed more and more these days.

Unknown said...

Nairn CAB will be drastically affected too - as will all advice services across Scotland. Ironically, at a time when people need the most help, for example, to negotiate Ian Duncan Smith's impossible Universal Credit system, much needed help is taken away. Let's make sure our views are heard!

Freedom said...

The tories now have enough working folk who are forced to work for a minimum wage on zero hours whilst handing over most of their income to Tory landlords

Still, good to be part of the union ruled by Westminster and about to leave the EU. So pleased the slender majority voted against Scottish independence as I for one feel much better off, thank you no voters, why on earth did I vote yes, must be an idiot or maybe a Scotsperson (see independence voting study university of Edinburgh)