Thursday, January 05, 2017

First it was Caithness now Barra has a flag - how about Nairnshire then?

We've suggested this before but there seems to be some resistance to the idea amongst our local Highland Councillors. A flag for Nairnshire would certainly help in the battle to retain a distinct identity from the big city nearby and would help sell the area's goods and services. 

Something the Nairnshire BID team and other worthies could do - a competition open to all? We suggested this early last year so here's goes again. 

A search on Google brings up the old red and yellow design that belonged to the old Council according to information online, also the snazzy Caithness flag and Salty seems to get into the act too. 

This observer will suggest it to next week's meeting of Nairn River Community Council and see if there is any positive feedback there.

A few items already on the agenda there, including Ship to Ship oil transfers proposed in the Moray Firth, a request for funds from the River Nairn Swans & Waterfowl Trust and Community Engagement - there was a lot of discussion at the last meeting about getting community feedback and maybe even some kind of social enterprise operation in one of the empty shops.


Anonymous said...

as if we have enough money to waste on muck like this,when folk are queuing at foodbanks,,wise up

Anonymous said...

Will we have to take an oath of allegiance? Espouse Nairn values? Be adept at speaking and writing fluently in Nairnish?

Anonymous said...

But we do have money to hand out baby boxes! 6 Milion pounds per year, 60,000 kids born a year in . £100 per box. Figures from BBC news page.

Graisg said...

Disgusting isn't it anon? This money should be spent on nuclear weapons.