Thursday, January 19, 2017

Revised S2S oil transfers application, there will be a second public consultation

Campaigners have maintained that it was monstrously unfair that there would be no public consultation when the revised application for ship to ship oil transfers was submitted. Well it looks like there has been a major change of heart by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. In a recent letter sent out to the many protestors who had written to them they say:
"The MCA has continued to engage with the Department for Transport and CFPA in  order to establish the best way forward once the application is resubmitted. As a  consequence of this the MCA will direct the CFPA to undertake a second public  consultation based on the revised application. In addition, we will seek further  engagement with subject matter experts within UK Government, with Scottish  Government officials and environmental agencies, and relevant wildlife NGOs."

A full copy of the letter can be seen on the Cromarty Rising Facebook page.

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