Thursday, December 21, 2017

Community Council chair concerned about another part of the harbour - no money for this area either?

Last night Tommy Hogg, Chair of Nairn River Community Council, explained how he had been told by a local Highland Councillor that there was no money to fix the current situation at the harbour (previous article here).

Tommy also expressed his concern about an area over by the housing and cafe where things seem to be going wrong. He said there had been a problem there for sometime but  he was certain that recently it had got a lot worse. 

This morning we went down and had a look. You can clearly see a lot of empty space through the gaps that have appeared. Could this be the next area to suffer subsidence? Obviously Highland Council have this situation in hand too?  This observer is sure that they would swiftly let us know if there was any danger at all to the public.

Perhaps soon we will see a press release from the Highland Council or one of the four local Highland Councillors about the situation? The harbour is a vital part of the town's tourism and recreation infrastructure - just how long will it take to fix things or will they ever be fixed?

More images and a larger one of the above scene here on the Gurn flickr pages.