Thursday, December 21, 2017

Nairn Community Councils to hold joint meeting to discuss Springfield application for 115 houses on Liz's land at Lochloy

In January of next year the CCs will hold a public meeting to discuss public concerns over the Springfield application. On a night when there had been traffic jams outside the Community Centre almost up to the start of the meeting at 7.30 pm the watchdogs heard concern expressed over the impact of traffic on the road including the busy A96 Lochloy junction, the sewage infrastructure and the capacity of the the local Health system and the schools capacity. There were also worries for the welfare of the many badgers on Liz's land. 

An interesting discussion ensued around housing lists and the suggestion that it was often the Highland wide list that was paramount for allocation social housing in Nairn rather than simply those Nairn folk waiting for a home. The meeting heard how developers may be building the wrong type of homes when it comes to social housing as the demand for single bedroom accommodation was very high now. Members wanted to know why over the years more social housing had not been insisted on in the Lochloy developments and reference was made too to the lack of any social housing on Sandown yet given the plans developed after public opinion was canvased via a "Charrette" over five years ago.    

Members of River CC seem to be coming round to the view too that any development on Liz's land and on the Morganti plot too cannot be seen in isolation given the effect on the sewage system and also on the A96.