Friday, December 15, 2017

Nice to see Argos following the Sainsbury's Nairn example and using Gaelic!


Anonymous said...

They're the same company

Anonymous said...

Bad move from Sainsburys sacrificing shelf space for an Argos.

Anonymous said...

Argos is a GREAT move I think.

At the moment you had to drive into Inverness to buy something you wanted - now you can get it in Nairn!

Great move Sainsburys!

(Although I am not quite sure how there is a Gaelic word for Checkout?!?)

Graisg said...

I think there have always been paying places or locations Anon. There are actually a few words in Gaelic that don't exist in the same way as they do in English, that's part of the beauty of linguistic diversity we still have in Scotland and the wider UK too with the survival of Welsh, Irish and Cornish.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:01 PM

For a long time you've been able to order from Inverness Argos and have it delivered to Sainsbury's FOC for pickup. The new in store Argos means there are less items on the Sainsbury's shelves and for many Argos items you still have to wait for it/them to be delivered to Nairn so I fail to see the gain? More of a loss for me as the range of items at Sainsbury's has shrunk