Sunday, December 31, 2017

Tom Heggie tells the Gurn that the Harbour road will reopen.

This observer bumped into Tom Heggie today and he told the Gurn that the necessary works down at the harbour come under the title "emergency repairs" and will have to be done. He told us the road would have to reopen.

Tom, a relatively new councillor,  has been consulting his colleague Liz MacDonald who for sometime has been Nairn's representative on the Highland Council Harbours Management Board. 


Celtic107 said...

Anyone can say it's got to open ?
Since the road has now got issues when is the road around the harbour going to be classed as safe to drive on ..or will signs appear drive around the harbour at own risk ..who will be at fault if more gives way and a people Injured..also what assurances is there for the boating communitie that it's safe to bring a crane in and lift their expensive boats back in ..can the road take the weight now ? So where's the statuary bodies offering assurances .

Anonymous said...

Better it stays shut - no motorhomes, no boy racers making noise for residents, no litter.

Anonymous said...

£16K+ for 4 years for part time 'work'. Personally I'd be promising that pigs will fly. Want to walk on water, sure we can arrange that.

You'd like to think that Nairn councillors would be more than mouth pieces for Highland Council but in many cases that's just what they are. Disappointing, I'd hoped for something better, still, Hogmanay, have a well deserved dram.

Graisg said...

You're too cruel anon especially on a night like this. It's a fecking poisoned chalice for anyone given the low opinion that most folk in Nairn have about Highland Council and considering how the town has been ignored for so long and take in austerity and everything turning to **** all about us like the corroded piling down at the harbour. Give the new boys a bit more rope before you totally condemn them?

It is meant to be part-time work but I bet for some of them the hourly rate if you divided all the work up would be pretty low.

To me it looks like officials have too much power and maybe it is them that should be standing for election? Gurn verdict for 2018? Better not say any more lol.

Anonymous said...

£16K is more than some folk earn in Nairn (not by choice) working all the hours they can get. Profits for companies increase and wages fall

Their are some really shit jobs out there whereby you're abused and ridiculed by the public. You need a thick skin and I don't see being a councillor as being any different.

Okay you bumped into one councillor (Tom Heggie) but I've not had the privilege of seeing one up the street in years (remember Liz hugs, don't think she'd repeat that!)

It's not a great time to be a councillor with all the cuts that are coming but at least be open and honest? I'm rapidly losing repsect for any of our local politicians

Black Bob said...

Very surprised to learn Liz MacDonald is Nairn's representative on the Highland Council Harbours Management Board. I can only assume the decay, lack of investment and the huge annual increase in dues every year sit fine with her?
Given this is her domain, it would be good to hear from her on this matter

Graisg said...

Badgers are off-topic on this thread folks so no more mentions please.