Sunday, February 09, 2020

12 flats and relocation of CAB to King Street site - plans now in the public domain

At the last meeting of Nairn West and Suburban Community Council on Monday 27th in the Community and Arts Centre Tom Heggie indicated that plans for the proposed CAB move and flats would soon be in the public domain if they were not already. It emerges that a new plan had to be drawn up as the public toilets are Common Good Property. 

That new plan and associated documents are now on the Highland Council e-planning pages here. The existing former social work buildings would be demolished and become a car park with the existing car park that has the dilapidated wooden fence and contains the electric car charging point would be the site of the building containing 12 flats and the CAB.  

Nairn River Community Council have written to the planners asking for an extension of the consultation period as they do not have an opportunity to discuss this application until Tuesday 11th of February.


Anonymous said...

So, are they leaving the old toilets in place?

Anonymous said...

yep, flat roofed toilet block is staying. The nice stone OSWB BEING knocked down purely to create more parking, so in effect the toilet block will be in the centre of a car park!

D.Ross said...

In short:- The old Tourist Information Center & other offices which used to be in the stone building which fronts onto King St & Falconers Lane is being totally demolished & a car park created. The flat roofed public toilets appear to be untouched & retained. The fenced off car park area where the old Community Centre used to be is where the new building housing the CAB offices & 12 flats, are to be constructed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the CG could donate it to the HC and it could be knocked down also. Let the HC build the much needed flats! what's the alternative..... Pay and display parking where they propose to build.