Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Time for Nairn's Highland Councillors to put their organisation's latest car parking charges proposals into the public domain

Last night in the Community and Arts Centre Cllr Peter Saggers told NWSCC members:

“We have been given proposals for each of the seven car parks, setting out what they thought should be the charging structure, who should be allowed to park there, what kind of parking should be applied. We gave them our views on it, they've gone back to think again. Following that they are due to come to the community councils sometime before the 16th of March to discuss with you as a statutory consultee. They will take on board what you say. Go back and think again. They will then...”

Cllr Saggers was then interrupted by the chair Sheena Baker who said: “do you think that they are going to tell them to go back and think again or they will go back and think again?”

Cllr Saggers continued: “They have told us that they will take into account your views. This will run on till the end of March and some time before the end of April they will publish a traffic order for each of the car parks.”

Then he indicated that there would be a further period of consultation after the publication of the traffic orders when further comments will be considered. He went on to say that it was much more likely that some people won't be happy with what is being proposed and the result being that what the Council is proposing will go to the June area committee and then the councillors will either approve it or amend what they are proposing.”

Here at the Gurn we feel that our Councillors should immediately put into the public domain what the Council has come up with so far for the Nairn car parks and what they have put in as their own submissions. We've seen the disaster that the implementation of car parking charges have been in the Angus towns and we need maximum transparency now – Nairn residents and businesses need to know what is going on – lift the lid on the language and machinery of local government that is cloaking these proposals now!

Wouldn't it have been far out if Peter Saggers and Tom Heggie had said last night: “Parking charges are unacceptable to Nairn in any car park and there are no circumstances under which we will vote for parking charges at the June area committee meeting.”?


Anonymous said...

I was in Elgin yesterday and the parking charges at all council run carparks is £1 for a full day. Is that to much to ask for the town center carparks?

Anonymous said...

Aye ..... our Councillors in Nairn need to work in partnership with Councillors in other areas to reject these proposals.

Graisg said...

This observer believes it is Anonymous. Parking charges at any level change behaviour and lots of people alter their habits even to avoid paying £1. Free parking is something our High Street has got going for it - Let's not play Russian Roulette even for a quid stake.

Death of the High Street said...

In common with the majority of High Streets ours is in a precarious position financially. We have boarded up shops, others that have been turned into flats, and several businesses up for sale. In short it’s in decline

If parking charges are introduced that could prove a tipping point for many businesses. Even a reduction in footfall of a few percent could prove catastrophic for some

Do we want to see the end of the High Street in Nairn?

I appreciate Highland council need to raise money and that introducing a parking tax might seem an easy way to make motorists pay for the privilege of parking in Nairn

Will we also have to start paying to visit Sainsbury’s too, signs are in place suggesting that might be the case

The net result will see a larger percentage of people travelling to Forres, Inverness or Elgin for their shopping as many do already to enjoy the free parking.

We’ve yet to see our four councillors be vocal about opposing parking charges, is their position likely to change or will they be subservient to what Inverness wants as always?

Anonymous said...

Did anybody ever conduct a retrospective cost-benefit analysis on the last time the council introduced parking charges?
Every single piece of policy advice at Scottish, UK and EU references the importance of free parking to reinvigorate town centre high streets.
Out of Town retail parks don't charge. Brodie and Bruar don't charge.

MissGrace said...

Just back from Wales where parking was free overnight in council car parks and campers encouraged with the rule that they stayed one night in seven. Daytime charges applied from 8am which encourages moving on early.
Vans over 3tons paid double fees during the day. They also now have introduced free parking for 2 hours - maybe to encourage folks to the shops.
It felt welcoming, the rules and charges were easy to see.