Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Fireworks for Christmas

Last night in the Nairn Community and Arts Centre it was revealed that the Fireworks cash that has been sitting in Nairn West and Suburban CC accounts will be used (subject to Nairn BID getting the relevant permissions) for a fireworks display on the Links as a finale to this year's Christmas Lights switch on.


Ban fireworks said...

Oh great, another night when I'll have to plan to take my dog away so she doesn't get frightened. Farm animals in the fields surrounding Nairn won't be so lucky.

Many people don't like fireworks but we have to endure them for the minority, why?


Guy Fawkes said...

Wouldn't it make more sense to do them on bonfire night!

Fishertown Mal said...

I think its a disgrace the bonfire money was raised by the people of Nairn for to have a bonfire so therefore it should be there choice where the money should be spent on. I think its a wrong decision that it has been handed over to BID to decide what to do with the money and they have decided that there will be no bonfire but a fireworks display instead. Iam not against BID getting involved but it should be of goodwill that the people of Nairn who raised the money be giving the choice as to where it should go. There has been no voice on social media as well or any updates asking the public where the funding should go to. We the contributors should be given the choice to do so.