Monday, February 03, 2020

"Gàidhlig ann an Inbhir Narann ​​ a 'fàs - Gaelic in Nairn is growing" Display in the Library - Taisbeanadh anns an leabharlainn

"Gàidhlig ann an Inbhir Narann ​​ a 'fàs". Taisbeanadh anns an leabharlainn le fiosrachadh mu sgoiltean, clasaichean, buidhnean, Croileagan, tachartasan Duolingo agus tuilleadh "

"Gaelic in Nairn is growing " Display in the Library with information abut schools, classes, groups, playgroup, Duolingo events and more.

An excellent wee display folks. Well worth popping down for a look at all the information available on what's happening with Gaelic in Nairn.  Just started learning or fluent? Whatever your level here's some events coming up where you'll get a warm welcome.

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