Saturday, February 22, 2020

"I find it absolutely astonishing that Highland Council have closed down public toilets, forcing visitors to go behind a wall to have a pee or a shit."

Interesting call to embrace the campervan visitors to Scotland and create cheap and well-resourced, welcoming "aires" for them and boost local economies. Here's Cameron McNeish's video:


Sheena Baker said...

Well I for one say - good on Cameron! How long have I been asking Nairn Council to get to grips with the basic facilities for an overnight stay? Several years now. Cameron is spot on. The motorhoming fraternity spend money and 99.9% of them think about what they are doing and when. I have heard the same story regurgitated from one or two folks re supposedly inappropriate emptying of grey and other waste water.

When I asked the story teller - did you not take a note of their registration? - silence!

If we had the facilities and designated one night stops we could be making money as it is normal to pay a small charge for these facilities. Even in France there is normally a few euros charged for the good stopovers. Again in France they are municipally run, as are many camp sites.

He's also spot on about the HC attitude to spending a penny. They need to wake up and smell the coffee, if not they may wake up and experience another smell!

Anonymous said...

Freebie over at the Harbour or massive fee for two night minimum stay elsewhere nearby? No brainer.