Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Nairn West and Suburban draft minutes from Monday 27th January now online

They will of course be subject to amendment but anyone wishing to keep up to date on several important issues affected the town may wish to read them. 

Also on tonight is the first full meeting of the new Nairn River Community Council. This observer believes there may be some interesting dynamics surfacing in the Community and Arts Centre this evening. Agenda details of NRCC meeting here.


Jim said...

Will you be having any articles regarding topics discussed at the Nairn River meeting?

Graisg said...

Couldn't make it to that one Jim but heard it was quite a gig. Expect to read all about it in the Leopold Street Thunderer on Tuesday morning.

Anonymous said...

Yea you are correct Graisg word on the street is that things were a bit heated at the meeting, hope my 50pence handed over the counter for a copy of" The Nairnie" will be money well spent on Tuesday morning????? with best wishes from Huggy Bear

Hutch said...

@ Anon 12:15 am AKA Huge Bear

Jings, when was the last time you bought a copy of the Nairnshire Huggy?

Maybe see you in the library tomorrow for your usual free read of the 50p rag

Anonymous said...

Hutch, i buy The Nairnshire every week to try & keep people employed, you wont see me in the library tomorrow, you tight-fisted cheapskate !!!

Huggy Bear