Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Nairnshire Committee meetings "In camera" - "It's not democracy" say the Nairnshire Telegraph

We urge all our readers to get themselves a copy of this week's Leopold Street Thunderer and read the short editorial that decries the ongoing regular Nairnshire committee meetings of our four elected Highland Councillors taking place in private during the pandemic. Here at the Gurn we agree with our friends in Leopold Street - the public should be able to get into these meetings - at least via online broadcasting for now until normality returns .

Related to this subject of private meetings the Gurn understands that Freedom of Information requests to see notes and minutes of previous Ward Business Meetings has brought information into the public domain about how the Council prepared to take forward their plan to sell the Sandown Common Good Land.

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Paul said...

They've actually always met in camera. Even in the old days they used to meet with officers in a room opposite the courthouse chamber before the official meeting. I was accidentally ushered in there one time by a member of staff and they weren't happy when they realised I was a member of the great unwashed and I was rapidly ejected.