Thursday, December 31, 2020

Something to help get the year end reflections started "Fare Well - Part 1"

Indeed it is a strange one this time round. One of our regular readers draws our attention to:

"Fare Well - Part 1
29 December -

Filmed in the stunning Scottish Highlands, tonight we host the premiere of the first instalment of our 2020 online celebrations.

Fare Well, a visually captivating and emotive experience, will see 150 individual drones take to the skies to deliver the UK's largest swarm drone show.

Set to the words of award-winning poet and Scots Makar, Jackie Kay. Fare Well Part One takes inspiration from what we've been able to do and not do during 2020. Jackie writes about the way that the air carries airs, music, the virus, chants and hymns. Despite the trauma of the months gone by, we can and must still hope. Hope for the future, hope for a new year and hope for each other. Part One of Fare Well looks at the year gone by – the funerals and weddings cancelled, the griefs and despairs which have been collective, with a feeling that the world has become a village."
And all the best Gurnshire, wherever you are this evening, wishing you all the best for 2021 although it seems to be guaranteeing a bitter-sweet start. Let's look out for each other, stay safe and get through the last bit of all this crap. 

Soraidh slan le 2020, farewell 2020, there were good moments but overall you were a bastard. 

More from the Gurn in 2021 folks, all the best.

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