Wednesday, December 09, 2020

New planning application for Café Lavender

A new planning application for Café Lavender is now live on the Highland Council e-planning website:

"A design and access statement for the change of use of existing guest house to form cafe reads:

"The proposal seeks change of use of two rooms within an existing guest house to form a café. The premises is located on Cawdor Street, Nairn and has operated variously as a hotel (some 20 years ago) and more recently as a guest house. The application replaces an earlier proposal for part use of the premises as a café and that has been withdrawn. This revised proposal has reviewed the scope of the development and taken into account the concerns raised by local residents. The main changes proposed are: 

•No hot food takeaway facility proposed 

•Reduced outdoor seating area 

•Restricted menu serving predominantly home made cakes, bread and pastries 

•Hot food is limited to soup, grilled food and a limited range of German produce which requires only reheating.

 The existing use is defined as Class 7 – Hotels and Hostels. This use allows consumption of food on the premises by residents. The proposed use intends to use the existing guest dining facilities as a shared facility. This means that guests will continue to be served breakfast and coffees within the existing dedicated dining and lounge areas but during the daytime between 11am and 6pm, the facilities will also operate as a café open to the public."

More information here on the Highland Council e-planning pages


John Urquhart said...

Are all other Cafe's in Nairn going to conform to such strict rules on food and seating?

AH said...

Dont tell anybody but i heard a little whisper a local food connoisseur and food critic is going to be paying a visit and sampling all the fantastic hand made cakes and food that are on offer at Cafe Lavender and giving his report to everybody on how good the cafe is. This weeks Leopold Street Thuderer will all be sold out.

Unknown said...

Why would they John, have any of the other cafes breached regulations?