Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Nairnshire Telegraph no more - at least the print edition anyway?

The editorial in this week's edition of the Nairnshire Telegraph is headed "Truly the end of an era"

Iain Bain states:

"It is with immense regret that I have to announce that publication of the Nairnshire Telegraph in its present series will cease with this issue. It has not been an easy decision since the combined series of Telegraph and Mirror has existed for nearly 180 years and my own family's association goes back more than 150. "

"The context is the pandemic, unsurprisingly, but the passage of years is largely the reason behind the decision."

More in the final edition of the Nairnshire Telegraph, available at a newsagents near you.

Iain does go on to say at the end of the editorial that "we are contemplating other publishing projects under the Nairnshire Telegraph name. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for future developments. 

Here at the Gurn we wish all at the Nairnshire the best for the future both in their personal lives and with whatever comes next in a publishing context.


Anonymous said...

Really sad to learn that Iain is laying down his quill.
The end of an era.
Undoubtedly one of Nairn's good guys.

Anonymous said...

Dreadful news. The Nairnshire is more than just a local paper, it's a local institution, service and utility.
Iain Bain's grasp of local politics and it's interrelationship with national politic maneuvering and history is second to none, his editorials hit the nail on the head week in week out and always in support of Nairn and Nairnshire's cause.
There must be a way to keep it going in its present form in the short term until all options for sustaining its longer term viability have been explored.
Assuming the underlying problem is financial, is there not the possibility of crowdfunding to provide support in the short term.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't HIE money be sourced to help fund a community buyout.....


Anonymous said...

oh well another business lost to Nairn, but on the upside,maybe the building could be renovated into much needed flats, nonny mouse

Fishertown Mal said...

Update Murd will be now putting his Letters To The Editor on The Nairnshires Facebook page.