Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Sandown Allotments in danger from Local Development Plan?

The Gurnmeister is a plotter at Sandown and this is just a personal view although this observer understands that the Nairn Allotment Society committee is urgently looking at this issue too.

Here at the Gurn we are shocked to see that the Sandown Allotments comes within the mapped area for preferred development at Sandown. If the Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan is approved as it is this means the allotments will be included as a development area. This is deeply concerning. 

If the inclusion is a mistake then Highland Council should put their hands up and amend the document accordingly. Why were the allotments included? Would any of the four local members for Nairn on Highland Council like to contact the Gurn and explain please? 

UPDATE: Communication from Tom Heggie which states Allotments not for development. He is contacting a senior planning official. More later perhaps


Section from map on page 197 of local development plan that shows Highland Councils preferred development site of Sandown, including the allotments site


Anonymous said...

Get ready for Nairn to be screwed over by Highland Council.

Anonymous said...

Surely a mistake.
I thought that they were holding the next area to allow for expansion - doubling the potential number?
Email the Provost?

D.Ross said...

I doubt its a mistake, as the allotments are part of the same chunk of land that is Sandown according to the registered title (NRN1753) map at Scottish Land Registry here:- https://scotlis.ros.gov.uk/property-summary/NRN1753/1

Anonymous said...

Even if the plan is a mistake it shows an incompetent council desperately scrambling to raise funds by selling whatever assets it can Our Common Good land has been managed so poorly over the years. I understand that the Nairn Dunbar golf club pay just £12 a year rental for their piece of Common Good, I wonder how long it'll be until Highland council start eyeing up their land for housing development

Anonymous said...

What about the "West" golf club?
Was it common good?
Who paid whom what when?