Thursday, September 23, 2021

Laurie gives his thoughts on the Springfield Househill/Nairn East development proposal to the Highland Council South Planning Applications committee.

This is a bit confusing at first sight as the development was referred to as item 5.1 but there is no item 5.1 on the agenda listed on this page that directs you to the relevant video segments. 

The idea of bringing this pre-application notification  to the committee is (we assume) to raise relevent substantial issues  before the real and more detailed planning application is received. Laurie had to interevene to ask when he would get his opportunity. Presumably his comments will be noted in the minutes even if the existence of item 5.1 is hard to verfify if you were using the webpage above as your main source of information. 

Laurie asked for quite a lot of things to be considered really, traffic studies and flood prevention work to be completed and for a footbridge over the Auldearn Burn to the retail park, he speaks at 00:06:45 and 00:07:30. The video below will open up with Laurie speaking.