Monday, September 13, 2021

Nairn High Street is so cool when it is full of people - Let's do it more often - and thank you @NairnBID and @Nairn_Festival for all the recent life and colour in our town centre

Massive thanks to the BID and the Festival folks this (end of summer) for the occasions when we've had fun in the High Street. A Games Day feel to the Links too with Storm yesterday. It's just so fabulous when there are lots of people doing things in the High Street and around the town. 

Really, we still have quite a lot of shops and businesses in our town centre and it is quite a good place for a blether and to eat or buy stuff etc at any time of the year but it really takes a step up when the colour and music and activity start. Let's have more of it please. 

OK full pedestrianisation would not really be a goer because of the layout of the High Street and how people need access to their homes etc but maybe 3 or 4 times a month we could have interesting things going on if we all get behind the organisations that now have the capacity to organise things?


Anonymous said...

I agree. It is great to see Nairn come alive with families all about.
I think a good idea is that possibly on weekends the high street could be shut from 4pm. And encourage restaurants etc to utilise the street to extend tables and chairs so as to have a outdoor eating and drinking experience. A short hop from the railway station will bring extra visitors into the area. Even encourage the take away businesses to provide outdoor seating as well.

Graisg said...

@stormbringer - re the wires - where can we get confirmation of that?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:19am - Good idea but the Seagulls may put a dampener on that.

Anonymous said...

How about a Saturday morning farmer's market? that would be great to see and a great way to bring the town to life. There are plenty of venues in and around Nairn.