Friday, September 10, 2021

"The Nairn Lit" launches its winter lecture programme

It was a pity that the Farmers' Show and the Games had to be cancelled again this year. But families enjoyed the 'Showies'; and local residents of Gurnshire will have noticed - and perhaps attended - some of the recent events of this year's Book & Arts Festival, which is a welcome sign of a gradual return to normal life in the town. Other local groups and organisations are also now beginning to plan and organise programmes of activity for the coming months. One such group, the venerable Nairn Literary Institute (founded by Dr John Grigor back in 1875) has just published its programme of public lectures by expert speakers which will begin on 8 October. These talks, which take place on alternate Friday evenings through the winter months in the Free Church on Gordon Street, are open to the public. The first one of this coming season is going to be about "The Royal Burghs". Those in town who think there is a case for re-affirming and reinforcing the status of Nairn as a Royal Burgh might be interested to attend.

The "Lit" website and programme are at

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