Saturday, September 04, 2021

Lochloy Residents say No to foot/cycle bridge to Balmakeith and Yes to a road with active travel across railway (and some community facilities please…)

 Details on the Nairn River Community Council pages here.


Anonymous said...

If Lochloy get a bridge over the railway, why can't Tradespark?
We've got a wee level crossing for pedestrians and cyclists.
That's got to be a lot cheaper than a bridge.
And in terms of "community facilities", what do Lochloy folk want that they think Nairn Suburban has? They took our community hall away 20 years ago, with a promise of a new one ..... Still never appeared.
At least the Lochloy folk have a great golf club with cheap social membership for wining and dining and TV sports.

Anonymous said...

Yep another level crossing and more traffic lights hmm...

Anonymous said...

We have no lights on ours. Why do folk in Lochloy need lights?
If a train is coming, you wait until it's passed by.
Common sense abounds in Tradespark :-)