Saturday, September 11, 2021

Sandown - more consultation proposed

 A document before the Highland Council refers to the consultation on the Highland Council's plans to sell the Sandown Common Good Lands - a consultation that didn't go down well and received a thumbs down from local residents. 

So in a proposal for more consultation the document reads:

"3 Community (Equality, Poverty, Rural and Island) – 98 responses were received to the original public consultation period which reflects only a small proportion of the estimated population of Nairn. The additional consultation period proposed will enable wider public response to be encouraged, and some more targeted work to be undertaken, particularly with those who may not engage through traditional consultation mechanisms within the community, to ensure that the opportunity to comment is given to as many members of the Nairn community as possible. The further period of consultation will also enable the opportunity for further discussion and reflection with the community."

Looks like the desire to sell is still there though:

"3.5 Risk – There will always be a risk of volatility in the market and this, combined with the current impact of Covid, is why the proposal is not seeking disposal of the land now. The consultation and Court application process is lengthy and, as a result the Council cannot act quickly to take advantage of short term improvements in market conditions. However, by seeking approval for the disposal in principle, the Council would be able to react quickly to changing market conditions to ensure best value for the Nairn Common Good Fund."

Here at the Gurn we would encourage all serious students of Sandown Land matters to head to this Highland Council webpage here and download Item 4 Nairn Common Good Fund: Proposal to dispose of SandownLands for development – update and additional consultation.

We wonder too if the Councillors will go ahead with further consultation - there are elections coming up in May and public disquiet over the proposal to dispose of the Sandown Lands may not quieten down, in fact it may reach a crescendo by the time we reach the ballot boxes again.