Saturday, September 11, 2021

Plan for Seaman's Hall to become community hub - decision on 25K funding by Nairnshire Committee on Wednesday

 A proposal from the Green Hive before the Nairnshire Committee reads:

"As the Covid-19 pandemic gradually comes under control, this is a plan for how the trustees of Green Hive and the Seaman’s Victoria Hall would like to create a vehicle for Nairn’s recovery, establishing fresh purpose for a building with proud local heritage and capitalising on the community impact and support of a respected local charity. Seaman’s Hall was described in 1890 as a “centre of good not only to the lower part of the town but the whole town”, but has been struggling to fulfil its original purpose in recent years. Green Hive is an environmental charity with a robust track record of successful engagement and collaboration with volunteers and partners in the community. 

This plan envisages the establishment of a new community hub at Seaman’s Hall which not only offers a wide range of activities in itself but also provides a route to opportunities to volunteer, escape isolation, to do good for the community, learn new skills, prepare for work and for some, ultimately find employment. Through these activities, the hub will provide the town with a substantial route to achieving effective climate action, making Nairn Net Zero Nairn. The hub will achieve this because of the public sector stakeholders who support and use it, because of Green Hive’s experience in engaging volunteers in activities which benefit the town and its environment and because it will provide a vital link to work and the local economy through Green Hive’s Balmakeith recycling workshop (which is to be expanded to 7-day use) as well as to local business partners."

The Hive also envisage a terrace coffee out the back overlooking the River Nairn:

"What Seaman’s Victoria Hall can mean for Nairn 

The importance of Seaman’s Victoria Hall for community heritage and its prominent location on Harbour Street will provide a high profile for the community, volunteering and environmental opportunities available through Green Hive to Nairn townspeople and beyond. Our e-bikes being stored by day outside in the patio area streetside and the extended meeting/community cafe space on a riverside terrace at the rear of the building will draw people to the hall."

Among the activities and facilities envisages are a community larder, retail and volunteer recruitment. To see the full proposal you can download the report before the Nairnshire councillors which contains the full Green Hive proposal here on the Highland Council website. (It's item 5 at the bottom of the page).


Anonymous said...

Could be an ideal base for a Community Foodbank like Skye's?

Graham said...

High time some other groups received some of the cash on offer, I would rather see the Seaman's Hall under water than let Green Hive have it!

Unknown said...

This does not surprise me at all. Why do people in Nairn put up with these four Councillors?

Anonymous said...

Graham .......
What have they done to upset you so much?

Green Hive Fan said...

It's a wonderful idea to bring an iconic building back to life.

Graisg said...

Thanks for comments folks, had a think about some of them and decided not to publish. Non-anonymous views are now available on a thread about this on the Nairn our Town Facebook page if you wish to express your views there.