Saturday, April 16, 2005

300 jobs go at Buckie

Some are being so bold as to blame the meat-plant closure on the power of the supermarkets demanding that price margins are cut by suppliers. A sobering reminder of how the food industry is becoming more and more beyond the control of local communities and of how choice is reduced. Employment prospects are certainly taking a knock along the coast in Moray with this and the loss of jobs at the bases but the Gurn doubts if Gordon and Tony will fly up (joined at the hip for the duration) to offer a rescue or aid package.


Nairn said...

Hate to say this (wouldn't win this election) but more tax on energy would keep more things local.
Tesco sell (I assume for profit) jeans for £4. Name me someone in the UK who would make you a pair of jeans for the same money.
At the moment there seems to be some poor sod who will have a wage in their country to do our work, result Rover MG.
Made in China is where's its at... not made in the UK

Graisg said...

I don't know if you'll earn enough in the Tesco jeans factory to buy a Rover MG whether in China or anywhere else but the chinese all want cars now just like us. Does Globalisation simply offer us the lowest common denominator?
Another thing, weren't Jeans about £4 a pair here in the 1970's? Seems someone had been making lots of money out of the work of other poor sods on the blue denim production line for a long, long time.