Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey: six to chose from so far

So far voters have the choice of 6 parliamentry candidates but there could be more, nominations are not closed yet. As far as we know Donnie is the only one that has done time for his beliefs although he is hardly as charasmatic as the former 'political prisoner' Tommy Sheridan (where's he by the way, chained in a cupboard in the SSP's head office?). A lot of people supported the anti-GM movement in the Highlands and yes Mr MacLeod was a prominent figure at the time but will the population outside of the active green lobby remember him and how will the Green vote fare and who will lose out to him if it does well? Another wild card are the SSP: will they have any influence without Tommy at the helm? Is it a three-way marginal for the wooden spoon between the Tories, Greens and the SSP?
This blog still forecasts the SNP as the prime candidates to unseat one of Tony Blair's most loyal foot-soldiers.

Danny Alexander
Liberal Democrat

George MacDonald
Scottish Socialist Party

Donnie MacLeod
Scottish Green Party

Robert Rowantree

David Stewart

David Thompson
Opppppps! Nearly forgot another wild card that takes the total up to seven.
Don Lawson
Publican Party
And very bullish about his potential support he is too. Donald wants to stop a potential ban on smoking in pubs and with the extended social networks that centre on such establishments it's just possible he might take a few votes off the others. That's democracy for you - the right to stand for the right to ignore the warnings on the packets!
Any UKIP or Veritas to show up yet?


Graisg said...

This weekend will be the second of the campaign and perhaps we will see how many activists the parties have in Nairn. As you say Spelding, the SNP and the Lib Dems have signs up in Nairn, if none of the others show up soon it might mean that they have a real shortage of numbers on the ground. The Greens usually manage a couple outside the courthouse by now and no sign of them yet too and I'm sure they kept their signs from last time?

Nairn said...

Lib Dems managed to leave an election flier on my doorstep, but without chapping. Guess there are statements but no debates so far