Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Campaign gets cancerous?

Naughties going on in Inverness as Publican Party posters are changed to read:
'Vote Cancer Party' or
'Vote Don Cancer'
How many votes will this pro-smoking in pubs party get? If they fail to get over a thousand for example will that be a tempting signal for the politicians to go a-head with the ban? It works both ways, you can have an effect on the others but you can damage your own case too! (and your health everytime you light up)


Nairn said...

Smoking Kills and such like death warnings emblazon packets of UK cigarettes yet here we have a party fighting for a safe refuge for the smoker.
The party makes little play of it, but its big concern is the possible loss of profit, this gained through the parties contact with publicans in ‘non-smoking in pubs’ Ireland. It would seem that there might be a loss of some 10-15% takings when smoking is banned. The thought of this serious dent in earnings has led to the formation of a one-policy party that has the guile to question studies that link passive smoking with ill health. The only disagreement in such studies is the degree to which sooking in other folks smoke is detrimental to your health.
Ventilation is their answer. I would suggest we would need air chambers similar to spacecraft for this to work.
Vote for cancer is indeed a way to look at anyone’s vote for the Publican Party, but their real issue is “Vote for me to keep my profits’, even if it means trampling over the very serious health concerns
Maybe they could launch some special edition election edition fag packets “Publican Party Kills’ sadly the real message here

Nairn said...

It has been a long time since I have ventured into a smokey pub too, but it seems all kind of strange things happen these days. Traditional foreign dancing is on offer at one Inverness pub with the sign 'Pole dancing' at least that it what I think it means!
Nairn at least has some smoke free venues, Ashers the bakers, and Nairn Sailing Club to name two who have declared themselves weed free this year – are there any others?