Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Snow on the Cawdor hills, definitely spring

Fourteen swans have arrived, its sunny and pleasant despite the persistent breeze, you still need an overcoat and perhaps a hat too but it’s fun. Springtime 2005, the lull before the posters go up.

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Nairn said...

The weekend weather has been a roll back to winter except for more daylight. The strong winds have battered any spring like growth that has dared to put its head above soil, and that is just our politicians rather than plants!

A website that critized our current MP David Stewart appears to have been taken off-line


The site wasn’t complimentary of our mans feat but at least it was free speech. But why argue back if you can just have it banned! Do we think we are living in a democracy?

Recent SNP phone tactics leave me cold (Recorded message of Sean Connery), but as mentioned in this Blog David Stewart via the Labour party called me earlier this year, not a recorded message but the same ploy – and they (politicians) wonder as to why we don’t trust them anymore!