Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Breaking news Tory posters seen in Nairn

Local election watchers report at least five Scottish Conservative signs in the High Street area. Another party you shouldn’t mention the war to?
All good fun but has anybody got any suggestions to keep spirits up until 2010 under Blair/Brown and perhaps not Stewart? They will probably get in with about 36% of the less than 60% who will bother to vote: Would that be about 20% of the population? wow! what a way to run a democracy!


Nairn said...

We have: Local elections, European elections, Scottish Parliament elections, and the UK general elections. All have their own particular blend of democracy. My vote goes to the Scottish Parliament with proportional representation, as it has allowed the small parties to have a voice (Greens, Socialists etc.). To my mind it is a fairer system than that which we are facing for the coming general election which for years has propped up a mainly two party system – will it ever change?

Graisg said...

This is a theory gathering ground that if Blair's majority is very much reduced and he has to rely on the massed legions of 'David Stewart' types from Scotland and Wales to pass legislation dealing with England, then people in England will suddenly realise that they'd be better off ditching the Union: a bit of a fanciful theory yes but it could lead to dissent in the short term.
There's been an article on it over on the Independence Blog - linked on the right hand side.

Stuart Dickson said...

Here it is: