Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Ladders – the new election guide?

Iright reports from the election battlefront:
Heavy gusts of political campaigning and wind continued to batter us today. In Inverness I noted a member of the SNP trying to place his party’s lamppost placard higher than the rest, but a vertically challenged ladder meant the SNP banner came 3rd for height, followed in 2nd place by Labour, with the Lib Dems at the top – I wonder if this is an indication of the result of the vote? The Publican Party had either fallen off their perch or being a new party had not bought ladders, for the only placards I saw were at chest height on a roundabout. Maybe they just need to give up the fags so they can attain those dizzy heights in this campaign? Coming into Nairn this evening it appeared it was only the SNP who had managed to scale the lofty heights to place their message. I just wish that the enthusiasm for removing the lamppost placards were the same post the election as pre! I wonder who will have suitable Victorian style posters for the new lampposts in the Fishertown. Maybe a town crier would be more suited, second thoughts not, lets try and keep the election as quiet as possible – did you see the Royal Wedding? A right Cornish Pastiche?

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