Monday, April 04, 2005

Vote SNP citizens! - or 'blogs and election law'

Yes get out there and vote for Dave Thomson the SNP candidate when the time comes, he has the best chance of getting rid of the sitting Labour MP. That is the political stance that this blog is taking. However, might have to watch it for the period of the election, it seems that blogs have to be balanced and obey the law at these times. Well perhaps there won't be an election declared tommorow but here's how one political blog sees the situation: 'Honourable Fiend'.
I suppose it isn't only election law where blogs stray into a grey area.


Nairn said...

War of the Words
It would be great to obtain a Blog blogging party bus for the lead up to the election. We could follow well known candidates shouting out the truth and asking questions they don’t want to hear. New Labour is now firmly under Basil Fawltey orders.. ‘just don’t mention the war’ and ‘I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it’, but will they? Probably as we have Iran to deal with next. Iran has oil and I’m sure they have WMD, at least that is what my top intelligence officer (the cat) told me so it must be true.
Cynical? Not me!

Graisg said...

Let's hope there's no more oil wars, but with the price going up all the time and the world's addiction, it doesn't look good.
We have a multi-coloured beauty contest starting today and very few of the candidates will be talking about the real issues, apart from a personal link with one of the candidates there isn't much difference amongst the field as far as this blogging team can see. Even the greens look the same as the rest to us - in the Highlands anyway!
Beachd sam bith eile - Any other opinion?
PS iright, your pic is unavailable at the moment and a box pops-up asking for a 'mac' password. (in IE6 anyway)

Stuart Dickson said...

Here is my post on the topic: