Thursday, January 17, 2008

Back to normal service after blogging overdose

Regrettably the Gurn team have to be busy with other things and although blogging is such good fun these pressing other things must be attended to.  Blogging takes time and commitment citizens but never mind, millions of others carry on where the Gurn can't keep up the pace and as Guido says:

'Conventional journalists in the MSM have shifted from sneering to fearing, from deriding to envying. Technology means that any talented trouble maker with a modem can achieve Karl Marx's dream: ownership of the means of production and distribution. The Internet requires no printing presses, delivery vans, distributors or news stands. No editorial restrictions, no proprietor, no once-a-day news cycle.'

And don't forget Bill is back in full production too although I don't think he will be sharing too many of Karl Marx's dreams.
A final word on the post offices, how about a 'bonfire of the quangos' instead of a 'bonfire of the Post Offices'?


Bill said...

Haste ye back, Graisg, when you have the time and inclination :) .

I would like to see a bonfire of he quangos, sure I would, and we could throw a lot of the top-heavy apparatus of the state (local, Scottish and Westminster) on the pyre, too, and release the nergies of the people with lower taxes.

Interestingly, and with reference to your quote from Guido, I responded today to a questionnaire from someone doing a PhD dissertation at Aberdeen University on the role of blogging and how it might affect the MSM and democracy in general. I think I responded to a similar kind of thing from another PhD student at Aberdeen University a couple of years back, too. It's obsiously a topic that is interesting many in 'academe' although I think the ultimate aim is to coraal and control the internet as most seem unable to think outside the box of state control in every aspect of our lives. As you correctly point out I am no Marxist! ;)

Nairnac said...

A very welcome return for the Gurn.

Nairn said...

Aw, can't I just leave one last com....

Graisg said...

The Gurn could be destined to make more comebacks that Frank Sinatra. Spare a thought for the increasing (but still small) numbers of people coming here after putting in a search that contains 'Somerfields' and 'sale', poor things:-)