Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nairn Belly Dancers threat to London Olympics?

The Sunday Newspapers are a font of fake righteous indignation at the best of times. Today appeared a headline 'Laughing stock Lotto' (we won't even bother telling you which rag this was). A journalist seems to have discovered from rent a quote type that lotto money is getting wasted on silly projects such as, yes you can guess.
Well this particular rag wasn't up to much, if it was it would have probably made reference to a 'lady Provost' who indulges in the past-time and her membership of a certain political party to wring another twist out of the laughing stock angle.
To the Gurn the whole lottery involvement in the Olympics is a laughing stock, another giant jamboree for athletes that will probably once again win very little. According to
information on the BBC:
'In November, Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell said the cost of the Olympic Park had risen from £2.4bn to £3.3bn.'
The gurn has nothing against the Olympics but if they were really wanted in London wouldn't the Londoners be holding coffee mornings to raise the cash for them.
And what's the problem with belly dancing? It is just something a few wifies in Nairn like to do and if they got £4,350 to 'perform and promote American style belly dancing', then good for them. Hope they get more dosh and if that puts the future of the Olympics in doubt so be it. Incidentally the Gurn staff gave up buying lottery tickets once in was made known that cash would be going to the London project.
Are the Belly Dancers value for money? We think so but decide for yourself:


Rhys Wynne said...

"if they were really wanted in London wouldn't the Londoners be holding coffee mornings to raise the cash for them."

Too right

Nairn said...

Oor NBD's (Nairn belly dancers) seem to offer a lot of value for money.
In common with the youth of today they expose their muffin top like belly's to the cold winds, whilst moving their hips to strange (Foreign?) music.
Wherever they perform they seem to be able to leave men's mouths open such is the appeal of their dancing?
Maybe drooling mouths could become an Olypmic event?
I wonder if Lidl might start selling cheap BD costumes soon?