Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A sign? ...of better things to come for the brae?

A reflection of winter sun reflects from a metal surface at the top of the brae. An omen of the good times to come if pedestrianisation goes ahead or just another false dawn? Like it or not hundreds of cars go up the brae each day, it would be interesting to know where they all go and how many of them seek a parking space on the High Street and what they would do if they could no longer go straight up the High Street. Would they bother anymore? The Gurn has no particular axe to grind but thinks pedestrianisation just wouldn't work.
By the way citizens the Harbour Street post office is on the hit list for closure, you can get a form to register your complaint from the said office. Seems it doesn't make money, then neither do schools and hospitals, will Labour close them next? Gotta pay for new nuclear power stations somehow!


Bill said...

Guilty as charged - I often drive up the Brae, to try and get a parking spot there or in the High Street, usually to visit either the healthfood shop at the foot of the brae, the flower shop in the High Street or the butcher (Brown). On the other hand, if the parking improves when the Somerfield/old Community Centre is redeveloped then I personally wouldn't mind the lost of a through route up the Brae.

As for the Harbour Street PO, I have passed it often, but never crossed the thresh-hold. I use the main PO at the other end of the High Street. As for your idea that we should run any kind of boondoggle business at a loss as a 'public service', I disagree - if it was providing a service for a significant number of people it wouldn't be running at a loss as it apparently is. I want to see less government, not more, and lower taxes - not subsidies for every special interest group in the country.

Finally - a Happy New Year to you :)

Nairn said...


so if I want to buy a stamp at my local Harbour Street Post Office I am a 'special interest group'? But maybe I could just drive everywhere as Bill does?

Under Bill's brave new world I hope my house never catches fire (Fire Brigade - loss makers), I never need the Police (Loss makers), my boat never founders (Lifeboats - loss makers).
If air fuel was taxed airlines would be loss makers, and indeed if fuel for vehicles was taxed as it should be Bill too would be at a loss!
Bill stand for government ASAP. There are just so many loss making organisations you could close (Government?!)

Bill said...

Well, dear 'iright' (and I'm sure that can't be your real name - why not?????) if I thought people would vote for my sensible ideas I'd certainly stand! Of course what people prefer are the easy options without thinking of the long-term implications - that's why we've got the crazy governments we have in both London and Edinburgh - and in the case of Edinburgh that applies to pre-/post-May 2007!

I don't in fact drive everywhere in Nairn as I live pretty close to the centre, but it strikes me that a lot of people in Nairn would really rather stop the world and get off - look where this short-termism has got the town with the attitudes displayed toward efforts over many years to redevelop the town centre, something that is very badly needed. As for the Harbour Street PO I have passed it many times, but never been into it; it would appear I am not alone otherwise it would be a thriving business. I make no apology for saying I want lower tazes, smaller government and people do do a lot more for themselves. Yes, there are a LOT of services currently provided by the state that I would wish to see curtailed or abolished and that people could pay for themselves if taxes weren't so high and, more importantly, poorly spent. Having the state do everything is NOT the most efficient way of doing things - just look at the former Soviet UNion or any other formerly-communist country in Eastern Europe.

Finally, 'iright', have a great day!

Nairn said...

Dear Bill,

I would vote for your 'sensible ideas' (Promise) so does this mean you will stand? (Note: my voters promise has exactly the same validity as that of a politician!).
I agree with you that we need longer-term politics; there’s nothing like a good dictatorship for bringing years of happiness to the citizens.
I would love to see what I am sure would be a very long list of services you would bring to closure once elected.
For myself I would abolish all tax other than that on fuel to raise sufficient monies – an interesting proposition?
Sad to read that once you have parked in the Brae you have never managed to cross the A96 and enter the post office on Harbour Street, the Cawdor Street PO must be such a trudge for you?
Sorry to hear of your possible leprosy ‘I expect I will be the leper of the parish', either that or you have made a very non-PC statement and I’m afraid your political campaign has for myself as a possible Bill voter has just ended.

As you seem keen on meaningful statements from across the pond might I just say?

Finally Bill, missing you already!