Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Not only can you lose a Post Office you can lose a Somerfield at the same time

Will we be next?

Some interesting reading to be had if you know where to look. Thanks to a correspondent.

'I am also pressing hard for Balloch not to be forgotten. Residents there lost their post office on a 'temporary' basis 18 months ago when Somerfield disgracefully walked away from their store in the village, leaving staff, customers and the post office in the lurch. The process of selling the store unit — which must surely have great commercial potential — has been tortuous, but Somerfield have assured me that progress is being made.'

So says someone on the a Courier webpage, sorry done my best to find a name but this individual has Charles Kennedy and John Farquhar Munro for colleagues. Dan the man? Looks like more from the LibDem front line in the battle to save our Post Offices! Anyone else doing anything?

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