Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Can Cawdor Post Office be saved?

How things might look if the government had the bottle to solve two problems at the same time.


Bill said...

How, precisely, would this solve any problem, superficially agreeable though the prospect is?

Graisg said...

Simple loony economics Bill, if Labour wish to keep 4,000 Geordies in a job plus plug the hole in the dam of confidence that is the British Banking system, why not make the Highlands honary Geordies and add in a basketful of Postmasters and mistresses to the equation. You never know the good folks up at the Cawdor Post office might be a lot more careful about who they would give a mortgage to?
What would be so wrong with putting such a spin on the madness that we all live in. I mean the world isn't short of public servants that don't make any profit.

Bill said...

Simple loony economics

Indeed - nuf sed. Sigh.

Nairn said...

The government have now sunk more of our money into northern rock than they have into the defence budget – so this is now a bank belonging to the people and we have dozens of buildings called Post Offices that could house new branches and bring gainful employment to folk.
I think most people would predict more banks in difficulties as the year progresses with money invested in the US turning bad.
Watch out for the doors of some banks shutting up the street for the last time – we could see some more financial casualties, move your money under your mattress!
Mind you the housing market is about to go into freefall so a double whammy for some – sell now!

Graisg said...

Praying for rain in Jersey for little ol pear-cider drinker me. My goodness me perhaps this overdose of blogging is coming to an end...just like all those years of running round with a fistful of credit cards.
What will happen when everyone gets a giro again and find that all the post offices have been closed. The police won't care if it turns ugly, they've only been given 2%.