Saturday, January 12, 2008

Staying at home with an ‘appalling inferiority complex’, or fireworks causing fireworks…

No, the Gurn team will not be going to the show in Inverness tonight to watch £300,000 vanish into the night sky over the course of 12mins. We note that James Hunter has stepped into the fray. Here is what he is quoted with saying in the Press and Journal:

 "I think it's time people in the Highlands and Islands get out from under the appalling inferiority complex that underlies a lot of the moaning and groaning about things like the fireworks on the Kessock Bridge.'

The Gurn fails to see how James Hunter’s intervention will calm things down, the controversy has nothing to do with ‘inferiority complexes’ but with the fact that most of the money for the fireworks came out of the Inverness Common Good fund and many Invernesians think that is morally wrong and perhaps breaks the rules too. It is their democratic right to criticise spending on their behalf if they wish to do  so.

Was Highland 2007 any use? The Gurn hardly noticed it and was not impressed, others are more scathing.

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