Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ministers hail nuclear decision

Ministers hail nuclear decision

'The Scottish Government said it was delighted there were no plans in the pipeline to build new nuclear power stations north of the border.'

Wonder if that would have happened if Labour had won the Scottish election? Lose your post offices but win half a dozen nuclear reactors?


Bill said...

Hi Graisg

I noticed your comment in my blog earlier tonight about this; you must have missed my post about this earlier today - the link is here:

Nairn said...

I note a reader of a national paper living in Beckenham in Kent wrote a letter asking if an SNP candidate would stand there at the next election as he was so pleased with their nuclear stance.
For myself I look forward to the closure of the Faslane base, maybe the subs could be moved to the Thames?
An added attraction by the South Bank maybe?