Sunday, September 05, 2021

Zen and the art of parking meter installation - Getting your retaliation in first!

We introduce the wisdom of Councillor Peter Saggers:


Anonymous said...

So, these Councillors do not work for the Nairn folk, they work for Highland Council. Who represents us then?

Anonymous said...

Parking on the Links has seen a huge increase post the Covid pandemic. It’s true that due to the volume of new housing that many more people have come to live in the area but to increase the area of tarmac makes little sense to me as I suspect in coming years it’ll mainly remain empty especially in the winter months

The debate over grass/tarmac parking is only there because of the pending compulsory car parking charges. As was mentioned if there is some sort of fencing then no doubt more cars will try to park in the already overcrowded fishertown area that I’ve seen this summer, then what, will HC then impose parking permits for residents?

Likewise I fully expect the popularity of camper vans to wain at some point especially when air travel and the possibility of holidaying abroad starts again.

I would like to see HC provide some camper van pitches in Nairn together with water/waste water facilities although I’m not sure as to where they should be. The Maggot would seem quite a sensible suggestion

Clearly HC wants to start making money from car parks in Nairn as soon as possible, I just hope they don’t base their figures just on the volume of parking we’ve see over the past 18 months or so

Perhaps Moray council will follow but at the moment I don’t think there are any parking charges at other harbours along the East coast?

Anonymous said...

Astonishing that Laurie Fraser seems to be the only one to recognise what the image of the links is showing. The council guy didn't have a clue and Heggie seemed to think it was the Nairn Show.

Anonymous said...

Quite honestly, I despair, I really do. I have had enough of the Councillors elected to represent Nairn, I just hope they will all be throwing in the towel very soon.
We need strong and well informed individuals to come forward to support this community at the next Highland Council elections.
Many other areas in Highland have Councillors working alongside other groups and actually listening to what they are saying, not what HC are dictating!
This town is losing it's identity, all that counts is Inverness at the expense of everything else.

A Well Wisher said...

Did I hear that Councillor saying that Highland Council should be paying some rent to Nairn for use of their Common Good land? Why havent they been doing that before as happens in other places with car parks and other public amenities on Common Good land? Do they pay rent for Viewfield where the museum is as well as all the car parks? If not Highland must have run up a hefty rent bill by now to Nairn Common Good Fund for the 25 years since Nairn District was handed over to Highland Council. Time to pay up perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Re:-Anonymous @ 6:18PM I despair also! & have had enough of the so called councillors! They jav become has beens with no ... (well no anything really!) You can read them like a book as they are so obvious in their replies, they really are! .... let's have some dynamic new blood!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 9 55:AM The Council guy you refer to is none other than Shane Manning, Principal Traffic Officer for Highland Councilor who has been on social media recently seeking the views of the public on car parking at the links. Looks like he is getting himself involved with the CCTV now, another cost saving exercise for the Highland Council

Graisg said...

@ Well Wisher

Yes did cross this observer's mind too. Pay up before we move forward?