Thursday, January 06, 2011

Controlling our own affairs

Here's the text of a letter that appeared in the Nairnshire Telegraph of 21/12/10:

Both the town centre and Sandown issues show us once again how desperately Nairn needs more control over its own affairs. We need a Royal Burgh of Nairn Council. I would imagine that public opinion would roughly be 90% in favour of such a move if a ballot were taken. In fact we are supposed to be in the process of being consulted over such outcomes – has anyone noticed this “consultation” yet?

We can achieve a town council overnight by combining River, Suburban and West Community Councils. There is an ongoing review of such councils’ boundaries (ordered by the Scottish Government). It runs until the 31st Jan and is being administered by Highland Council. If you think Nairn should have a democratically elected body representing the whole town and dedicated to the town alone then tell your Highland councillors.

It’s up to them. Will they receive a handsome footnote in local history for giving Nairn back some democracy or will they be remembered for failing to do so?

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