Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sainsbury's now worried about expansion in Scotland?

"J Sainsbury could rethink its expansion plans in Scotland if the Scottish Government pushes ahead with a tax increase that could add 20% to the supermarket's rates bills, Chief executive Justing King has said," states a report in the Telegraph today.
And futher into the article:"Mr King said that the rise could make a difference to its extensive store opening plans in the country: "We can't stand by these plans if the economics of opening those stores goes and changes."
Sainsbury's has 47 shops in Scotland. Over 2011 and 2012 it is looking to open more than 180,000 square feet of space north of the border, with new stores in Kelso, Nairn and Irvine, and extensions at shops in Linlithgow, Stirling and East Kilbride. It will also open around 10 new convenience stores."
Let's hope this is just a wee piece of megaphone diplomacy from Sainsbury's and that do go ahead and start building their store at Balmakeith. Read the full article here: Tax could force Sainsbury's to rethink Scottish expansion, warns chief Justin King


Jim said...

BUT there's a further twist on 12. Jan you may hive missed.

The Holyrood Opposition parties are ganging up against Wee Ek, aand don't support the 'supermarket premium tax' - so the SNP can't push it through.

See story at

Someone should tell Sainsbury to come to Nairn after all!

Graisg said...

Thanks for that Jim:
"Alex Salmond is facing a £30 million black hole in his spending plans" as you indicate because of the opposition ganging up on the supermarket tax.
Oh well that's the Nairn bypass knocked back then:-)
Fergus is determined to crack the town centre A96 potholes though, he's e-mailed a couple of high heid yins and he's going to check it all out here in town on Saturday.