Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rapid result on potholes from Fergus

The deepest one of the lot no more - the former pothole at the lights at the bottom of the Brae

No longer any need to worry about the pothole if waiting to turn left into Lochloy Road at the crossroads.

As soon Fergus Ewing MSP received a link to the Gurn's latest edition of Pothole Watch on Flickr he fired off an e-mail to a few high heid yins wanting to know when this stretch of Road between Grant's Garage and the King Street roundabout on the A96 would be sorted. He told all concerned that he would be going for a look himself today (Saturday).
Well Fergus certainly prompted fast action from the contractors and repairs have been carried out to most of the offending spots. The repairs are of a rough and ready nature, and by no means as good as ones carried out straight after a similar complaint to Fergus last February, but they will do until a more permanent solution is found for this stretch of road. Drivers will once again be able to concentrate on normal road hazards and pedestrians crossing without having the additional worry about negotiating a pothole slalom course in this part of town. Well done Fergus.


Anonymous said...

Well Done The Gurn.!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this will be a temporary patch before they do it properly.

Lord Ealan Donan MacRath said...

Good to see the power of the Gurn and Gurnites well done the complainers a job well done