Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sandy on the By-pass

Sandy gave one of his regular by-pass updates in the Courthouse on Wednesday night:

“The by-pass obviously is of interest to everybody. There was a meeting last week of Tech services and planning with Transport Scotland and that is obviously part of the work that is ongoing, it is progressing very well. There will be a follow-up meeting with Techs on the 24th of February. The findings of the study is still expected in spring 2011. That will define the preferred line for the by-pass and thereafter there will be a full public consultation. I must just say we’ve lost a tremendous supporter with the loss of Stewart Stevenson. Stewart Stevenson was a tremendous supporter for group that has been having regular meetings over the last couple of years. I was very disappointed that he had to go. Sam MacNaughton of Techs is very hopeful that we can keep the pressure up.”

Sandy then indicated that we would have to be ready to keep the pressure up after the election and that things had now progressed further than they ever had before.


Unknown said...

TECS not Techs (Transport, Environmental and Community Services)

Unknown said...

A bypass would involve a bridge over the river and a bridge over the railway. Far too expensive. It'll never happen as most of the road money for Scotland will be needed to build the replacement Forth Road Bridge and not forgetting the Edinburgh Trams.

Road Runner said...

The folk of Nairn - including Oor Sandy - should devote as much effort to looking at ways of dealing with the existing A96 traffic congestion now, as they do to talking about the bypass.

For too many people the eventual prospect (if it ever happens) of a bypass has become a convenient way of avoiding taking any other action to ease congestion and improve safety on the main road that goes through Nairn now.