Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Highland Councillor abandons LibDems

No not our Graham Marsden, but a wifie called Janet Campbell:

"Janet Campbell revealed she could no longer accept “compromise” as a way of doing council business simply to appease colleagues within the ruling “rainbow coalition”.

The Inverness Central member has quit the Liberal Democrats and been welcomed by the Independent Members Group, which was formed in 2008 and will now have six members."
The full article in the Press and Jounal.

Will the Lib/Lab/Indy coalition last the course? How many more cracks are there below the surface? At least Mrs Campbell will no longer have to shoulder the responsibility of administering the deep cuts that are coming. Could a cynical voter be forgiven for thinking that that might make it easier for her to get back in next time?

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Anonymous said...

Rainbow Politics in the Highlands ... here is what they say on the Council web site.
Political Representation:
Blue - Independent Group (25)
Cream - Liberal Democrats (22)
Red - Labour (7)
Yellow - SNP (17)
Dark purple - Independent Members Group (5)
Green - Independent Alliance Group (4)

So, for all those voters out there who are inclined to mark an 'X' against Independant you will have to do your homework to find out what is the REAL colour of each Independant!

Q. When is an Independant Councillor not an Independant Councillor?
A. when the Councillor is in a Group