Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nairn seafront - a major jobbie hotspot?

This came in last night from Greg:
"Gurnites should take a walk from the Golf View along to the swimming pool before it rains, and check out how many dog turds there are. I took a walk this afternoon and spray painted them all yellow, in an attempt to "highlight" the issue, and even I was shocked at the vast quantity. I used a whole tin of industrial road marking paint, I had intended to carry on as far as the harbour, but my tin was empty ! Hopefully the irresponsible owners will now realise themselves how bad it is and be shamed into picking up, as the Council clearly aren't doing anything."
Earlier this morning a Gurn reporter went down for a look. There was plenty of the yellow stuff that is for sure and where the yellow stuff stopped it was back to the brown stuff and there was no shortage as one headed towards the harbour. Now a hard-core of dog-owners are letting the community down with their stone-age attitudes - it is so last century to let your dog shit and not pick it up. You should be ashamed of your selfish unhealthy behaviour. Down the prom this morning one of the more responsible dog owners told the Gurn how he regularly "jars" offenders when he sees them leaving jobbies behind. That's one way forward here Gurnites - tell these folk what you think of them!
Well done Greg for your imaginative way of pushing the turd situation along the seafront up the agenda a little.


Anonymous said...

As a 'responsible' dog owner I make it a point to clean up after the dog. I do not want to step in dog mess regardless of the animal that provided it, mine or anyone elses. Oh, and having to clean dog poo off of the kids bike before you can put it away is no joke either.

Owners or dog walkers can get free poo bags at the council and taking a torch for evening walks makes poo locating easier.

Spurtle said...

I'd always been under the impression that all dog owners in Nairn exhibited the very model of behaviour, when it came to cleaning up after Fido.

After all, any time access restrictions have been suggested, or imposed,to protect the rest of society for the turd menace, they all object. Quite recently they were vocal in their satisfaction that the ban has been lifted from the Central Beach.

Does the Gurn mean to tell me that there are irresponsible dog owners in Nairn! I'm stunned.

Graisg said...

The petty restriction on dogs on the beach have gone and we should rejoice! What a waste of money that was.

When it comes to those who don't give a toss about picking turds up then that is entirely a different matter and the great majority who are responsible pet owners will agree that those who allow their dogs to dump in the same area every day should be stopped.

If responsible dog owners were banned from everywhere a turd could be found then there just wouldn't be anywhere left to go.

There has been a massive improvement in turds per square inch along the riverside in recent years, the council have taken action there with their jobbie polis - time to do the same along the prom's brown strip.

Anonymous said...

Well done the photographer,not so keen on the yellow filtering,but the
grouping,composition and consistency
on the second is more photogenic.

Anonymous said...

Just back a walk along the area and it was disgusting what I saw. No wonder he ran out of paint as there are dozens of D. J's. everywhere. There must be plenty dog walkers ignoring the bins and letting their pets do it, then walking on. Time they were brought to task and fined same as litter louts.

Anonymous said...

At least the dog ban on the beach kept some dogs and owners away. Many owners seem quite happy to let their dogs run off into the dunes, out of sight out of mind?

As for responsible owners, they are pretty thin on the ground if the amount of dog crap is any kind of measure as to how many people clear up their dog mess

And how many times have we all seen furtive dog owners look around in the hope that they are unseen and they can leave what their dog has just deposited

Dog free places. Lets have them please as clearly it's the only way that we can guarantee poo free walks especially in the evening or at night.

It would be nice to be able to look up and enjoy the view rather than have to keep looking down to see what you might be treading in

Anonymous said...

What about local pet store/groomers sponsoring bags and bins along the seafront. That's what they do here in California dog beaches and parks. Convenient for dog walkers and free advertising for business owners.

growtosow said...

this is an ongoing problem in nairn, when i used to do the golf view garden i would find it in our grounds, and as for the seafront their is a dog bin at the start of the path so why not use it? i notice as well on millroad were the allotments are going to be again, just off the pavement dog mess,

Graisg said...

Bear in mind one or two dogs dumping in the same area every day can soon turn a large area brown. It doesn't necessarily follow that each turd is from a different dog. About 20-30 along the brown strip could be from the same animal for example. Time for the dog warden to hide inside one of the wheelie bins with a camera?
Perhaps a £1,000 fine might do the trick?

Go West said...

Cast of the Gunboats,and go for a sail along the prom.That will put the
fear of s*** into them anon.

Turds R'us said...


growtosow said...

other thought for those who let their dog do this and then do not pick it up, what about the guys who have to cut the grass, is their a dog warden? if so why not make their presence felt.

Anonymous said...

it's not just the beach, seafront & river bank, take a walk to any of the kids play parks & you'll find plenty of lawn mines

Anonymous said...

As a dog owner, who always picks up after my dog, I agree with this post and the increasing number of dog owners who clearly let their dog crap anywhere and ignore it!

Aside from the dog poo issue - the litter generally in Nairn is a disgrace - I refer particularly to East Beach near the holiday park, and on the riverside path from Merryton bridge to Jubilee bridge. The one man band litter picker in Nairn never seems to leave the streets - it would be great if he could just once a week head down this route and collect the litter. It has become a dumping ground for crisp packets, pizza boxes, carrier bags, cans and plastic bottles - and is as much of, if not more of a problem, then the dog poo issue.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is just our attitude to cleanliness in general. Employing people to pick up litter after people have abandoned it is just such a waste of precious money that council's don't have. What about the lack of place's to wash hands before you go into a food shop or supermarket? What about vomit, chewing gum, bird poo and spittle in the streets?

Anonymous said...

Depending on what its fed, one dog can sh*t a couple of times a day so the amount of sh*t being seen in this area could be down to a very few animals rather than plenty of dogs. Maybe the dogs, and especially the owners responsible, should be sprayed? Perhaps a group of responsible dog owners should keep watch in the area in question for a couple of days to see if they can identify the culprit(s) who are giving them a bad name?
There should be a zero tolerance to this and other littering - it's all bad!

Anonymous said...

It's the same people over and over again. Often owners with multiple dogs. Some locals also use the dunes as their dogs toilet. The council had no poo bags for about 6 or 7 weeks at the worst time of year, short days long nights to suit the offenders.