Thursday, January 13, 2011

Save Lossie Campaigners unhappy with Danny

Only SNP and Labour MPs met the Save RAF Lossie campaigners down in London, they are not amused. More on the Press and Journal site. A major faux pas, with the eyes of Moray watching every twist and turn of the campaign and the Holyrood elections now on the horizon?


Duncan said...

This is awful. It shows the "couldn't care less" attitude of the conservative and the liberal democrat MPs.
I can't wait for the next elections.

Nairnac said...

Danny Alexander doesn't care a damn for his constituency now.
I'm sure he, and most of the Lib Dem cabinet members know their days as MP's are finished.
Danny will probably disappear somewhere into the square mile as a PR/Lobbyist/Advisor/NED to pick up his payoff and feather his nest.
I'll actually be surprised if he even stands at the next election.

Graisg said...

Five years is a long time in politics :-)

Nairnac said...

But do you think the coalition will last that long ?

Graisg said...

I suspect that if the Milli-brand continues to unimpress and the Tories get a lift in the polls then they could seek to dump the Liberals and look for a mandate in their own right. But that is probably a long shot.
I wonder what the bookies give on the full term?

Brian @ said...

"MP Angus Robertson invited every Scottish MP. Only 11 came to speak to us and they were SNP and Labour"

I'm sure Labour and the SNP care deeply about any political opportunism. :)