Monday, October 05, 2015

Do you have any unusual apple trees?

If you have any apple trees that produce unusual varieties of apples or simply are good croppers in the Nairnshire soil then the orchard group of Nairn Allotment Society would like to hear from you. The Group have now established over 60 fruit trees (a mixture of Scottish heritage and more popular varieties) and are hoping to graft more trees next spring and would be delighted to try and add one or two local delights to their colection. 

If you have an unusual tree please send an image of the apples and some information to 

Perhaps you might have a tree that has a bit of history or a tale attached to it too, if so, the apple group would like to hear from you and record as much of Nairnshire's apple history as possible. 

If you have a favourite tree that you would like to see grafted then the NAS apple folk might be able to help you. Please contact

Apple rootstocks ready for "chip and bud" grafting 

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