Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Sailing Club and Kayak Club to share boatyard extension?

The Gurn understands that talks between the Sailing Club and the Kayak Club to share an extension to the boatyard are at an advanced stage and plans have been drawn up and discussions held with Highland Council. 

It appears that the new area is in fact simply that piece of land next to the boat yard that has been fenced off over the winter for several years now once the sailing season is finished. The popularity of the Kayak Club has led them to search for premises in the harbour area. The sailing club also need to accommodate the dingy section which has been very successful in recent years. 

This move has been mooted for a wee while now - flashback two years to a Gurn report of a NICE meeting in the Sailing Club:  

A symbiosis seems to be rapidly developing between the dingy training element of the Sailing Club and the Nairn Kayakers. Both expressed their desire to continue training local young people and dispel the myth that Sailing and Kayaking are elitist sports. Presently both organisations are based down at the former McDermotts yard at Ardersier and given the possibility of industrial development there again they both face an uncertain future in that location.

Nairn Kayak Club website here.   Nairn Sailing Club here. 


Anonymous said...

Excellent. The kayak guys have drive and energy to take the whole harbour area forward as a centre for water sports, leisure and pleasure.

John Urquhart said...

Is this land not Common Good land? I wonder if the boat yard pay rent to Common Good fund if it is.

Anonymous said...

Yes they do..... for the boatyard and the clubhouse